The Company

The Monti e Laghi New Farming Cooperative has aggregated a group of farmers aware that for achieving positive results it was necessary to join the forces.

Today, the Cooperative has achieved excellent results, while maintaining the primary feature ofcooperative bound to tradition. Indeed the figure of the farmer plays a central role.

The landscape surrounding the dairy is uncontaminated, charming and evocative, characterized by green meadows and pastures, vineyards and olive groves. All of this is the result of the peasant experience handed down to generations.

Solidarity, collaboration and constructive dialogue between mountain workers, and not only them, are necessary and fundamental conditions for the cooperative to promote a present and to foster a future of concrete results based on quality and food safety.

Thanks to all this every day we bring our formaggelle, our stracchini, our cheese and all the other specialties of our master cheesemaker and his staff to your tables. Obviously only produced with the 100% Italian milk of our cows that, admiring every day the splendid landscape of the mountains that overlook Lake Iseo, produce the highest quality milk from which all our products are born.